Use the links on the left to download a tournament bracket.
For players/teams up to 8, use the 8 position bracket.
For players/teams between 9 and 16, use the 16 position bracket.
For players/teams between 17 and 32, use the 32 position bracket.

Double elimination brackets are pretty simple to use if you have the maximum number of participants, though many people get confused on how to use them if you have less than the max players. We can help.

When using a bracket that may not get full, simply add players/teams starting on the number 1 line. Continue to add players/teams to the numbered lines in ascending order. IE 2, then 3, then 4, etc. After all the players/teams have been added, the blank lines then represent a bye. This system is the same as if you were to use a bracket with the exact number of lines for the amount of players/teams you are using, except the 'bye' lines are not removed like they would be in a bracket suited with the exact number of players. Byes should always be given in the first round and never after, unless a player/team drops out. See the example below: